Creating A Vignette

What is a vignette?

It’s a small grouping of pieces that are meant to tell a story or create a focal point in the home.

Creating vignettes are one of the best ways to style a space, add character and function, and share a little bit about yourself. Vignettes will often contain pieces such as vases, boxes, frames, sculptures, art, bowls, trays, candles, natural elements, and something a bit quirky or fun. The options are unlimited and with a few tips, you’ll be on your way to expressing your own personal style and creating a home that feels cared for and intentional.

Layer – When creating a vignette, always start with the largest piece in the back or off to one side working in an asymmetrical or triangular shape. Try a large mirror, or lean a piece of art against a wall or the back of a bookshelf to ground your vignette and work your way to the front with the smaller pieces. Stagger your pieces to create an interesting composition rather than lining them up.

Numbers – Applying the rule of three is especially helpful when styling an area, and is a useful tool to make your space feel balanced and add visual interest. This concept is based on the idea that a space looks more pleasing to the eye when styled in odd numbers like three.

Shapes & Sizes – Playing around with shapes is a excellent way to enhance your vignette and soften out all the hard edges of boxy furniture. Size matters too. To create a bit of contradiction, try to select items that are varying in sizes, but within reason. And we’re not just talking height here; think in terms of width too. The more contrast the better! Wish that vase or lamp were just a few inches taller? Prop it up onto a couple of books and you’ve created height.

Natural elements – Fresh greenery, a plant, or flowers will always add texture and dimension to your vignette, not to mention, it may be just what you’re looking for to add a bit of height. Don’t forget about other natural elements too; collected rocks, driftwood, seashells, and sea glass are all examples of natural elements that would work in a vignette.

Materials, Pattern & Texture – Experiment with different materials that have varying textures and patterns to create a bit more depth and appeal. This is especially helpful if your overall color scheme is mostly neutral. Baskets, ceramics, wood, and metals can all be mixed together.

Get personal – Adding a personal element such as a picture, a postcard, even an old letter or ticket stub can be a wonderful way of telling your story and will always invite conversation.

Color – Create cohesion when choosing colors. Neutrals can be your base and then choose a couple of complementary colors for contrast and to draw attention.

Play & Edit – If you’re looking to make your space feel fresh you may not need to look any further then your own home. Switching out items from one vignette to another is an ideal way to update your home and make your pieces feel new without ever spending a dime.

A word about collections – Do you have a collection of books, globes, pottery, cameras or anything else? Display them! Group them together in one space such as a cabinet, shelf or console. It doesn’t matter if the colors are really varying, they will still look unified.

We hope you found this post useful and feel a bit more inspired to create your own vignette. Leave us a comment below if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

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