Styling a Coffee Table in Seven Steps

Today, we are going to talk about styling your coffee table in seven steps. Whether you’re looking to refresh your coffee table or maybe you’re starting from scratch, these steps are the groundwork for achieving a collected, layered style you’ll love. As a major focal point in the living room/family room, the coffee table is a great opportunity to express your personal style, and create visual interests while retaining the functionality.

Step One: Ground your table with a tray to corral items and display décor. A tray is a key element to success when styling your table. A helpful hint is to use a tray that is contrasting in color to your coffee table or has texture so it doesn’t blend in. Also, think about scale; if your coffee table is on the bigger side, use a larger tray so it doesn’t look lost. 

Step Two: Books are your new BFF (extra points for vintage books)! A trick is to use books that are either neutral in color or complementary to the color scheme you’re going for that way the overall design will look more cohesive. Books are also a great tool when you need to elevate an object. 

Step Three: Boxes pack a serious punch on the coffee table. Not only do they look great sitting on top of a stack of books, but they can be used to hide items that are not so pretty. Think remote controls, chargers, and gaming controllers. 

Step Four: Incorporate natural elements such as a small potted plant, fresh greenery, or flowers in a vase. You’ll create instant texture and dimension to your table. You can also use other natural elements such as rocks, shells, or sea glass to display in a bowl. 

Step Five: Introduce an object that is a bit unusual or quirky to sit on a stack of books or in the tray. I especially like objects that are oddly shaped or have an interesting texture for instance a sculpture, or a treasure from your travels.

Photograph: The Spruce

Step Six: Bring in an item that sits higher than the rest of the décor. We want to create visual interest by bouncing the eye around. A vase filled with flowers or greenery (fresh or not) works really well or a tall sculpture. Just be sure to think about scale, you don’t want it to be super tall and overwhelm the rest of the décor, but tall enough that it balances out the design of your table 

Step Seven: Find a low-lying object such as a string of wood bead garland to drape over a bowl or lay on a stack of books. Driftwood is another beautiful natural element to add on top of books or place in the tray. 

Photograph: LuxDeco

We hope you found this post helpful and implement some or all of the steps to help you achieve a coffee table design you love. How do you style your coffee table? If you have tips or advice, please comment below, we’d love to hear and learn from you!

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